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While enjoying Your stay with us, Your car can also be taken care of.


There's a professional car wash operating in "Globus" hotel complex. Wash your car properly and safely. You can entrust your vehicle to professionals who provide a full range of car wash services using modern equipment.


Work is performed at the highest level and a full range of services available is the following.




1. Cars:

exterior wash: 60 UAH

interior wash: 30 UAH

Integrated: 90 UAH


2. Minivans, SUV, Pickup trucks:

exterior wash: 70 UAH

interior wash: 30 UAH

Integrated: 100 UAH


3. Jeeps, Minibuses (based on Mercedes �Vito�) :

exterior wash: 80 UAH

interior wash: 30 UAH

Integrated: 110 UAH


4. Jeeps, Minibuses (based on �Sprinter�)

exterior wash: 90 UAH

interior wash: 30 UAH

Integrated: 120 UAH


5. VIP wash

auto: 100-120 UAH


6. Waxing:

hot wax: 10-15 UAH

polymer wax: 30-40 UAH

polishing wax: 70-80 UAH

solid wax: 100-120 UAH

nano wax: 1500 UAH


7. Air Conditioning

for leather: 10-15 UAH


8. Additional services:

- car interior dry cleaning: 600-800 UAH

tar removal and wax polishing: 100-150 UAH

carpet dry cleaning: 5-10 UAH/meter


9. Rain protection:

normal: 20 UAH

nano: 190 UAH


10. Engine cleaning:

washout of the dirt with water pressure - 10-20 UAH.

with chemicals - 40-60 UAH




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Hotel complex “Globus” perfectly combines comfort with style and practicality...

�Globus� hotel is a perfect place for people who above all value a sincere cozy atmosphere of Ternopil land. It is a place with friendly staff and quality services that meet European standards.

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